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Ultimately up to you!

By: Catman2055 | August 15, 2015

Dr. Brown and his program are great for adults. All those people that have given him a 1 star, either have no self control(which Dr. Brown cannot give you), or they are the kind of people go into something without listening, and then get mad they don't get what they wanted. Dr. Brown is medically supervised weight loss, he specializes in hormonal imbalances, and should be trusted above any regular GP. My wife has thyroid issues due to Hashimotos Disease, and has seen endocrinologists, 2 family doctors, and Dr. Brown. Only Dr. Brown has managed to help her. His system works because he gets you healthy first, and weight loss follows. Personally I've been on his plan for 46 days, and I'm down 25lbs.
The problem people have with Brown is that he is matter of fact, and will call you on your crap. He sees fat people looking to loss weight all day long, and you walk in, having gained weight, without some medical problem to explain it, guess what, you cheated!! If not, you...



By: alibaba | January 10, 2014

My wife and I had a VERY NEGATIVE experience with this merchant. We found them to be pushy and above all dishonest. We bought coupons for the services offered. When we arrived, we were given papers to fill out including a waiver absolving Laver of any and all responsibility and any claims whatsoever about the effectiveness of their services. Additionally, there was no guarantee of privacy with respect to the usage of personal details required in the forms. By the time this was completed and we were now deemed ALMOST ready to receive the services, another unfortunate event happened. This event came when they attempted to charge us an additional "Transaction Fee" for, assumably the privilege of having already buying their coupons on line...Never mentioned at the time of purchase...I find this business practice at best deceptive, at LEAST dishonest...I will never use this merchant again nor will I offer any recommendation other than STAY AWAY!!!

Lavar Spa H2O Cleansing

179 Davie Street 220 Vancouver, BC

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